Winnebago View Solar Panels and RV Power

Testimonials from our happy solar customers

Over the years we’ve heard a lot back from our RV solar customers.  Their solar installations have added to their RV’ing enjoyment, and we love hearing from them.  Here are some recent notes we’ve received from some of our customers.

Hi Marvin,

One year later. Just a note to let you know the roof solar panel has been working perfectly. Took a long swing along the West Coast last summer, then inland thru WA,ID, MT and south to NM, lots of boon docking. I did not spare power when needed and never had to worry about a low battery. You did a good job and it’s a good panel (still have the old panel just in case I park under a tree in summer heat).


I’m sitting here watching TV, with DISH, camped at the beach and it’s 6:30 pm. Crock pot has been going most of the day, rice cooker is on.. inverter has been on all day charging 4 electronics. Used the toaster…. you get the idea…and our battery is at 100%. Just wanted to let u know you have 2 very happy customers.. 😍

Hi Marv –

A quick refresher – you worked on an install for my family and I in Heber City, UT last June/July (640 watts solar, 600 amp hours LiIon). We’ve now nearly reached a full year on the road (as a family of 5) and I wanted to reach out and say thanks for your work on our travel trailer. A few stats – we’ve canvased the entire west, including some of Alberta and British Columbia with more than 15,000 miles on the trailer. We’re about to turn toward the east coast for the kick-off of year 2.

We’ve pretty much permanently retired our generator, only having used it twice since the install. Once on a lengthly stretch of poor weather, and once while boondocking in the permanent shade of the Redwood National Park. All of the components have worked flawlessly and we’ve been extremely happy with your work.

All the best

We get a lot of feedback from our RV Solar customers.  And we get a lot of correspondence from people looking to have their RV power changed for the better with solar.  We appreciate our current customers, and the interest that’s been growing over the years from potential customers as well.  And we’re happy to share the feedback we get regarding how adding solar to your RV can really change the way you travel!