RV Solar Installation Galleries

Precision RV has worked on a wide variety of RV’s over the years.  Not only do we install solar systems on RVs, we’ve also done a good deal of RV repair service as well.  The RV Solar Installation Galleries here show you a sampling of the type of solar installation work we’ve done.  The galleries don’t cover every installation ever done, but they do give you a pretty good idea about the work we do.

If you’d like further information about your own RV Solar installation, or if you have questions about our services, please be sure to get in touch with us today.


Airstream Solar, 400 watts, battery monitor, 220 AH AGM, 100 watt Inverter

Airstream Solar Installation

We’ve worked with our fair share of Airstreams over the years.  From small solar installs to Lithium Ion / Hybrid inverter setups.  From Bambis to 30 foot classics.  This gallery shows you a sampling of the work we’ve done on Airstreams over the years.

Arctic Fox

Artic Fox 5th Wheel, 100 watts, 600 AH LI, Hybrid Inverter, dual controllers, 50 amp sub panel

Arctic Fox 5th Wheel

Arctic Fox manufactures 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, and more.  And this past Spring Precision RV worked on an Arctic Fox 5th Wheel, and a travel trailer as well.  There’s a big difference between a 5th Wheel and a Travel Trailer, and custom solar power installations were required for each.  Take a look through our Arctic Fox Gallery to see what we did.


Class A fleetwood Bounder 1000 watts 600 AH LI Dual Controllers

Fleetwood Class A Motorhome

We’ve worked on many Fleetwood Class A Motorhomes over the years.  Fleetwood is a well known manufacturer, and wherever you go RV’ing you’re sure to see this brand.  Take a look through this gallery to see the type of power systems we install on Fleetwood Class A’s


Class A Newmar Bus, 1000 watts solar panels, 900 AH AGM, dual controller, battery monitor

One Newmar Class A that we’ve recently worked on

Over the years we’ve worked on a lot of Class A Motorhomes.  And of course, we’ve worked on our fair share of Newmar Class A’s.  From small solar installs to Lithium Ion / Hybrid inverter setups.  It all depends on what our customers want, and what custom features they’re looking to include on their solar installation.  This gallery shows you a sampling of the work we’ve done on Newmars.

Tiffin Allegro Class A

Tiffin Allegro Bus 1200 Watts Hybrid Inverter 600 AH LI 50 Amp sub panel dual contollers

Meeting with the customer

Tiffin is another well known RV Motorhome manufacturer.  Tiffin owners are very loyal to the brand, and with good reason.

In the case of this installation, Precision RV put 1200 Watts of solar up top, we installed a Lithium Ion Battery plant (600 amp hours), a hybrid inverter, solar charge controllers, and a new sub panel.  Yet another example of the custom solar installation work we do on all types of RVs.

Take a look through our Tiffin Allegro Gallery to see what we did.


Class A Winnebago 400 watts 220 AH AGM single contoller, batterymonitor

Winnebago Class A

Hands down, Winnebago is the most well known name in the RV Industry.  Any RV Park or Resort that you visit definitely has a Winnebago or two.  They manufacture Class A Motorhomes, Class C’s, Travel Trailers, and just about everything “RV” under the sun.  And speaking of sun, we’ve installed many solar power systems on Winnebagos over the years.

This gallery shows off 2 Winnebago solar jobs.  One installation is on a Class A Winnebago, and the second is on the very popular “View” Class C Mothorhome.