Solar Questions and Answers Video Page

Last year we started putting together Question and Answer videos for people interested in adding solar to their RVs.  We got really busy during the fall, and the project didn’t get a lot of attention.  But recently we did put together another series of videos to answer some of your basic questions.

Video Solar Q&A Page

Today we’ve added an entirely new page to the website which will house our Q&A videos.   If you look on the top navigation bar you’ll see an item labeled “Solar Q&A Videos.”  If you click on to that you’ll find yourself on a new page with 13 videos at the time of this posting.  We cover a variety of topics in our videos.

  • Running a residential fridge off of solar
  • Long Term Boondocking power requirements
  • Basic RV Solar System costs.  And also, “What is a basic system?”
  • RV Solar Lithium Costs

We talk about a lot more than just that.  And sometimes the topics will get mixed together as we explain one thing it leads into another.

Before you jump over and start watching all of the videos, take a look at the one included here below.  It’s about the costs of a basic solar power system for your RV.  We’d like you to take a look at that one before anything else, as it will answer some of your basic questions and help you set realistic expectations about what really goes into your mobile power solution.  Also, watching this video will help you get familiar with Marvin’s explanations about the systems he designs and installs.