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RV Solar Question and Answer Number 2 – AGM versus Lithium Ion Batteries

In this video Marvin talks about some of the major differences between AGM batteries and Lithium Ion Batteries for RV Solar power systems.

Key takeaways for the differences between AGM and Lithium Ion Batteries?

  • AGM batteries weigh a lot more than Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Creating a solar battery plant with Lithium Batteries will take much less space than an equivalent system with AGM Batteries.
  • Lithium Ion Batteries offer more usable amp hours than AGM Batteries.  AGM batteries only offer about 50% usable Amp hours.  If you build a 800 amp hour AGM battery plant, only 400 amp hours are actually usable.  Lithium Ion Batteries offer about 80% usable amp hours.
  • High draw loads (Air Conditioners for instance) work better with Lithium than AGM Batteries.
  • AGM Batteries cost less than Lithium Ion Batteries.
  • With an  appropriate battery management system your lithium batteries should last a lot longer than your standard AGM batteries.

The bottom line between AGMs and Lithiums is pretty simple.  It comes down to your “lifestyle” while RVing.  If you’re running a lot of appliances like residential refrigerators, air conditioners, large screen TVs, and electric cook tops, Lithium Batteries will be really useful in your power system.  If you’re not running high draw items like those listed, AGMs might work out well for you.

In the end, Precision RV has over a decade of experience planning RV solar power systems and installing them for our customers.  We’ll help you identify the best components possible for your RV solar, and we’ll give you advice based on what you’d like to do with your RV power.