Class C winnebago View 500 watts, 2000 watt inverter, 300 AH under step, 30 amp sub panel

RV Solar Questions and Answers Number 3 – Marvin’s Experience

Marvin Braun doesn’t just design and install RV Solar power systems.  He is a full time RV’er himself, and he uses his solar power system every day.  In this episode Marvin talks about his own experience with RV solar, and how his experience helps him understand the needs of RV’ers that seek out Precision RV’s services.

Key Takeaways from Marvin’s solar experience

  • There are no short cuts when planning a high quality RV solar power system.
  • Precision RV uses equipment they trust, and vendors who they’ve worked with successfully for years.
  • Marvin is an RV’er first and foremost, so he understands RV’ers needs.
  • Before you start designing your system, the number one question to ask is easy.  “How do you plan on using your RV?”
  • You’ve got to think about all of the power demands in a typical day to understand what you really need.  Marvin talks about a typical morning.  Coffee (from a coffee machine), toast, the TV is on in the background, the coffee gets re-heated in the microwave.  Everything adds up in a typical day!
  • The typical RV’er is going to consume about 150 amp hours per day on regular power usage.  That doesn’t include items like a residential refrigerator, an air conditioner, and other high demand appliances.

When it’s all said and done, Precision RV understands RV solar, and the needs of RV’ers.  If you’re starting to consider adding a solar power system to your RV and you’d like the expertise of Precision RV, please contact us to discuss your needs.