2000 Watt 1200 amp hour RV Solar power system on a Newmar Class A Motorhome

2000 Watt 1200 Amp Hour Newmar Motorhome Solar Power System

Have you ever heard of a 2000 Watt, 1200 Amp Hour solar power installation for a Class A Motorhome?  Probably not.  This is after all one of the largest solar jobs we’ve ever done for a customer on their RV!  And we’re very proud of the results.  In this post, we’ll be adding in two videos and descriptions of the whole job.

Precision RV specializes in designing custom solar power systems for our customers.  And in the case of this RV solar power setup, the customers wanted to be able to do as much with their RV’s solar as possible.  And with the final setup for them, they’ve already been boondocking and working directly off of their new solar power setup.

2000 Watt 1200 amp hour RV Solar power system on a Newmar Class A Motorhome

A still image of the rooftop from our YouTube Video. This is what 2000 watts of solar looks like on the Newmar. If you’d like to see the video scroll down to see the walkthrough and full explanation.

So, what went into this large system?

  • 2000 Watts of solar panels on the roof.
  • A special rack system on the roof for mounting the solar panels.
  • 1200 Amp hour lithium ion battery plant.
  • 3 Blue Sky Solar Charge Controllers.
  • A Hybrid 3000 Watt Inverter.
  • Battery Management System for the lithium power plant.
  • Blue Sky Remote Monitor for the charge controllers.
  • Addition of a 50 Amp circuit.

Why build a larger system like this?

The customers wanted to be power independent.  But with a Newmar Coach this size (41 feet) they had a lot of power requirements.  Running the Air conditioner was important to them, and keeping their residential refrigerator running was also extremely important.  In addition, a large screen TV, electric cook top, many lights throughout the RV, and many other power demands meant that if they wanted to stay off grid for extended periods of time running fully on solar and live as they normally would live on shore power, this was the way to go.

Precision RV is happy to build custom RV Solar power systems big and small.  But as you can see in the videos below, this was a big system to be sure!  We’re up for unique challenges, and if you like what you see in the videos, get in touch with us in order to start planning your custom designed RV solar solution!

A quick iPhone video walk through with Marvin

A full sytem explanation video with Marvin