One more view of the solar power plant

Outdoors RV Solar Power Plant With Lithium Batteries

This summer Precision RV did a pretty unique solar power plant installation.  We put over 900 watts of solar panels on a 24 foot Outdoors RV.  The owner wanted as much power as possible, and a few other unique features.  With today’s higher capacity solar panels, fitting over 900 watts of panels on a 24 foot RV isn’t as hard as you think.  Included with this post about the Outdoors RV Solar power setup is our second official video here at Precision RV.

With today’s mobile technology we’re documenting more with each solar power setup we do.  But keep in mind, we’re still learning.  We’re using an iPhone to help document the jobs we do, and then assembling the videos for you.  Sometimes the video may go out of focus, and we apologize.  Still learning.  It will be fun a few years down the road to see the development of the videos we share with you!

Outdoors RV Solar Setup Walk Through

First, let’s talk about the goals of the owners we worked with.  More and more, younger RV’ers are hitting the road and working from the road as well.  There are many popular blogs and websites out there featuring a new generation of RV’ers who travel and work at the same time.  And in the case of this solar power installation, the couple who own this RV are doing the same thing.

Matt is an analyst with Buffer.  Buffer is an online application that allows people to increase the leverage of their voice on popular social media networks (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more) through more efficient and consolidated content creation, delivery, and analysis.  One of the interesting things with many of today’s online companies is the fact that their employees don’t have to come into the same building day after day.  They’re allowed to work remote.  And in Matt’s case, working remote gave him the idea to really work remote!  He and his wife made the decision to work from an RV!

Since Matt’s job requires him to have network access and power for his computers he wanted to make sure they had enough power from the solar panels on the roof of his Outdoors RV, and enough battery storage available for longer term usage.  With his needs in mind, we offered a system with over 900 Watts of solar panels, 2 Blue Sky Solar Charge Controllers, a Magnum Hybrid inverter, a 600 amp hour Lithium Battery plant, and a few extras.  And the most unique request?  A composting toilet so the RV could stay off grid even longer!

In the video below we talk about the whole installation from start to finish.  You’ll get a look at the battery plant, a wireless signal booster, the solar panel layout on the roof, and a little information about the composting toilet we installed.  Enjoy the video.  And if you have any questions about the work we did, or about your own solar needs be sure to get in touch with us today!

The Outdoors RV Solar Installation Slide Show

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