6 Solar Panels Winnebago View Power

Winnebago View Solar Installation – A year later

More than a year after installing solar power on his Winnebago View, Precision RV had the opportunity to catch up with the owner, Ed.  When you think of a Winnebago View the first thing that pops to mind is how small and compact the RV is.  “Lots of Roof Space,” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but Precision RV still managed to install 600 Watts on the small roof space!

Winnebago View Solar On The Roof

6 Solar Panels Winnebago View Power

As you can see, we fit 6 panels on the top of this Winnebago View

The View is a compact modern RV.  A lot of great items go into the View, but it is definitely a small space to work with.  One of the biggest concerns for Winnebago View owners when they contact us is whether or not they’ll be able to fit much solar on their roof in the first place.  And the answer to that question is yes, they can fit a fair amount of solar panels up top.  In the case of Ed’s installation, 600 Watts.

This installation was done over a year ago.  Ed was kind enough to supply us with a few images he took while Precision RV did his solar power system.  The images he shared with us were over a year ago.  So he and his wife have lived with their solar power system for over a year now, and the results have been very positive.

Beyond just fitting 600 Watts on the roof, what else did we put into this RV?

  • AGM Batteries installed under the stairs 300AH!
  • 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter.  This allows the owners to supply AC power throughout their rig for all the outlets and Microwave from their DC Battery storage.
  • 30 Amp Sub Panel.  To collect all the circuits for the inverter.
  • Battery Charge Controller.  A MPPT controller allowing the right amount of power to reach the batteries throughout the day.
  • Battery Charge Controller Remote with Battery Monitor.  RV owners can get a quick status check on battery performance, how much power the charge controller is sending to the batteries, and most importantly the percent remaining or state of charge of the batteries and more.
  • Magnum remote Controller.  The inverter put into this particular View is a Magnum pure sine inverter, and there’s a monitor for the Inverter as well.

Working with tight spaces

Precision RV has worked on a fair number of Winnebago View RV’s over the years.  And we get contacted regularly for solar installations on the Views.  Given how compact these RV’s are, it takes a little work to get everything fit nice and neat.  But we strive to make sure that we utilize the space in a View as effectively as we can.  For instance, in the case of this installation we put the AGM Batteries under the stairs in this View.  We also managed to fit the 2000 Watt Inverter neatly into one of the underside storage compartments, leaving additional room in the area for other items Ed might want to put in there.

System Performance

Since we completed their installation the owners have been all over the country with their view.  They’ve camped in a variety of locations, and the solar power system has performed flawlessly.  They shared one story with us regarding dry camping in Canada where they were off grid for days on end, and their power needs inside the RV were all met without thinking about it.  The solar provided what they needed while visiting in Canada and staying off grid.