Lance Trailer with 600 Watts Solar Panels Lithium Ion Battery Power

26 Foot Lance Trailer Custom Solar Power Solution

There’s a growing trend in RV’ing these days.  We’ve been seeing more and more “young” RV’ers on the road.  And many of them haven’t retired yet, they’re working while traveling.  In some cases they’ve got their family in tow as well.  One of our most recent customers fits into this new group of RV’ers, and the custom solar solution we put together for their Lance Trailer has opened up a whole new world for their travel.

Solar Power, Lithium Battery Plant, and Power to Spare

Lance Trailer Solar Lithium power system for off grid camping

Shortly after their installation was completed the family spent a week boondocking at a Long Term Visitor Area on the AZ / CA Border. All power needs were met by their custom Solar Lithium RV setup!

Jason and Amanda recently spent some time with Precision RV.  Jason works in the tech business, and his primary tools are a computer, a phone, and an Internet connection.  As we’ve seen with other young working RV’ers, a custom solar power system built around their needs can really open up even more in their RV travel adventures.

In this family’s case, there’s more than mom and dad.  They have 3 young sons along for the ride.  So they’re a family of 5.  As you can imagine with today’s technology, there are a lot of power demands beyond just Jason’s work.  Everybody is “connected” while on the road.  Computers, tablets, game consoles, smart phones…..they’re all in regular need of power no matter where they’re located.  And of course, the standard power draws are there too (fridge, hot water, water pump, Air Conditioner, and more).

Planning a Custom System – Not an off the shelf kit

In almost all of the work we do here at Precision RV one of the key words is “custom.”  And for this family of 5 traveling and working from their RV we had to plan around space limitations and power needs.  In the end after consulting with Jason and Amanda before they ever came to have their installation done we worked out what their needs were and how we could meet them.

  • 640 Watts of power on the roof.  With space limitations on the roof we went with higher efficiency solar panels.  4 panels in total, generating more than 600 Watts of power.
  • 600 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery Plant.  Lithium Batteries are great for RV’ers that are looking to use the least amount of space possible for their battery plant.  They also offer about 85% usable power, and no voltage sag that people experience with flooded batteries and AGMs.  In the case of this installation, the family can in fact run their Air Conditioner off of their battery plant without issue.
  • Blue Sky Charge Controller.  We’re sold on the reliability of Blue Sky’s MPPT controllers, and you’ll often see them featured in our write ups.  One of the reasons we’re sold on them is because they work simply and easily for our solar customers.
  • Magnum Hybrid Inverter.  The family has a lot of power demands.  Computers, tablets, smart phones, and your standard RV power needs as well.  With the hybrid inverter their AC outlets are ready to charge and run devices all day (and night) long.
  • Battery Monitoring System.  With Lithium Ion Batteries, you’ve got to have a good BMS.  In this installation we used Elite Power Solution’s BMS for the Lithium Battery bank.

Beyond “just doing the solar,” the family had a few more requests for their Lance Trailer.  A signal booster for getting on the Internet was added to their trailer to help stay connected and working.  Additionally, the family opted to go with a composting toilet for their RV.  The idea was to allow them more time for off grid camping.  The standard black water tanks available today fill up much faster with 5 people than a composting toilet does.

In the end?  Precision RV was able to help the family plan for their power needs while traveling the country.  They’re able to work from the road, manage their power needs, and enjoy off grid camping more with their solar, wireless internet, and updated composting toilet.  A highly custom job indeed.

Precision RV – We’ll build you a custom solution too

If you’re ready to bring your RV’ing experience to the next level, get in touch with us.  We’ll not only plan your solar lithium power plant, we’ll help you with your additional RV customization to help you enjoy your travel time even more!  We’ll help take some of the mystery out of your solar power, lithium battery plants, battery monitors, charge controllers, and more.  And once you’ve settled on everything you want to be able to do we’ll get the system built out for you!  We work on all makes and models of RV’s, and our track record for customer satisfaction speaks for itself!