Airstream Solar Installation by Precision RV

Paul Singh’s Airstream Solar Installation

Airstream Solar Power System by Precision RV

Lithium Ions, Charge Controllers, all geared to fit under one dinette booth seat.

People travel with RV’s for a variety of reasons.  Some RV’ers are retired and enjoying their golden years.  Others use their RVs for short get aways and family vacations.  And a growing number of RV’ers are actually working from the road.  In the case of Paul Singh’s Airstream, he’s working from the road.  And with that in mind, he wanted reliable power wherever he goes, which is why he chose to have Precision RV set up his own Airstream solar system.

Paul’s Airstream Solar System Components

Paul was looking to build a state of the art Airstream solar system.  As he’s traveling the country he wanted reliable power wherever he decides to stay for the night.  In order to allow Paul the flexibility he wanted, Precision RV had multiple recommendations for Paul.  One part of our service is actually helping our clients plan for their solar power needs.  With 14 years of experience, Precision RV has more than a few insights that a DIY install wouldn’t address.

Airstream solar installation with 900 watts - Precision RV

The view from above. 9 solar panels.

Below is a quick bulleted list of what Precision RV did for Paul’s Airstream solar plant:

  • 900 Watts of Solar Panels:  The solar panels installed on Paul’s Airstream can generate up to 900 Watts of power.
  • Lithium Ion Battery Plant, 600 Amp Hours:  Batteries have gone from flooded lead acid, to sealed AGM’s, and now on to Lithium Ion.  Each battery type has its pros and cons (power, price, weight, usable power), and Precision RV is familiar with the latest and greatest when it comes to your power storage.  In the case of this installation, Lithium Ion was without a doubt the way to go.
  • A Hybrid Inverter:  A 3,000 Watt hybrid inverter, the MagnaSine from Magnum, was included in this installation.  The inverter is what allows you to take your stored DC power (the batteries) and convert that to usable AC power throughout your RV.  In the case of this installation, the batteries can actually run the Airstream’s Air-conditioner for quite some time.  Plus the solar panels will continue feeding in additional power (during the daytime that is).
  • Dual Solar Controllers:  Charge controllers, or charge regulators are basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. They regulate the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the batteries. In the case of this installation, 2 separate controllers were used due to the size of the system we installed.

There’s more to the installation than just the bulleted list, but the list highlights some of the major components in the system Precision RV did for Paul’s Airstream.  Cabling, disconnect switches, battery monitors, and more were also included in this solar power plant.

In the case of other installations we’ve done?  Precision RV has installed smaller systems and larger systems as well.  The type of system we design is based directly on our customer’s needs.  And in order to figure out what type of system you would require for your RV, contact Precision RV today and we can begin planning your solar powered RV system!