RV Solar Best Practices

Precision RV’s name was chosen for a reason.  The first word covers it all.  “Precision.”  We aim to be very precise when it comes to our RV solar power solutions that we offer our customers.

With that in mind, we have a few best practices that you should be aware of.

  • Total installation, start to finish:  When you hire us to do a job, we do the whole job.  Too often we have come across half finished installations from other vendors, or through DIY projects.  We take pride in our work, and if our installation goes along side an improperly done installation by a 3rd party, then we’re not being as precise as we want to be.  Additionally, it’s hard to determine where our responsibility starts and ends when working in parallel with someone else’s work.
  • Parts selection:  With over 14 years in the RV repair and maintenance world, we know something about the vendors we choose to work with and those that we don’t.  We know which components are right for specific jobs.  So when it comes to acquiring the components for your needs, leave that to us, we know exactly what we’re doing.
  • Parts pricing:  Precision RV will give you a detailed list of the components we’re going to use on your job.  We’ll be ordering the required equipment for your solar installation, or any other project you want us to do on your RV.  Clients do not need to order in their own parts.  That’s part of our service as well.
  • System quotes:  Installation of your RV solar power system takes time and a lot of hardware.  We’ll provide you with a reasonable estimate for both the parts involved and the time we expect to take.  You should know though that your install may take additional time beyond the time we quoted.  And if that’s the case we’ll let you know why, and how the additional time will affect your final price.

Our clients come to us for our expertise in RV repair & maintenance and solar power installations.  We have a stellar reputation, and we expect to continue on with that reputation through excellent work, precise design, and our knowledge of the industry.  Precision RV certainly costs more than a DIY installation or repair job, but when we’re finished you will certainly know your work was done right.