A 1000 Amp hour lithium ion battery plant was added to this Airstream

1000 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery Plant 31 Foot 2017 Airstream

A 1000 Amp hour lithium ion battery plant was added to this Airstream

A 1000 Amp hour lithium ion battery plant was added to this Airstream

In answer to those of you wondering if you can run your Air Conditioner for extended periods of time off of an RV Solar Power system…..  Well, yes you can if you build out your power system with the job in mind.

One of our more recent jobs, the owner of this Airstream had a simple goal.  He wanted to be sure he could run his Air Conditioner whenever he liked to off of his solar power system.  The job wasn’t exactly straightforward for us.  The owner had been to another RV Solar Power designer, and inferior components and wiring were used on the original system. The Airstream owner realized the original job wasn’t up to his standards, and he got in touch with us to plan and build a proper solar power system for his Airstream.  So our first job was to assess the actual needs for the overall system, and make recommendations on reliable components for the system.

Building on what was there when we could

The customer already had a small 400 Watt solar system on the roof of this Airstream.  We kept the panels, but then upgraded a lot.  The original solar power system provided by someone else had a lower end (cheap) inverter, a charge controller that was under sized, and an AGM battery plant made up of 6 12 volt batteries.  For what the customer wanted to achieve, being able to run his larger appliances any time of day, the original system wouldn’t meet his needs.  This would be another large Lithium job for us!

Specifying the appropriate equipment based on experience

Precision RV used what we could from the customer’s original system.  That wasn’t much.  The panels we kept.  The charge controller, inverter, and battery plant we swapped out.  The new battery plant using Lithium Ion batteries offered 1000 amp hours of storage!  We also re-ran power cabling throughout the Airstream as what was used previously was sub-par.  To say that the initial system was improperly installed and sized for what the customer wanted is an understatement.

You should understand, each job we do is custom for our clients.  We spec out systems based on the needs you relay to us.  And we don’t skimp on equipment.  The lowest cost components are not going to provide you with the best value for you money.  In the case of this job, the customer had already spent a lot of money on his initial install, found it lacking, and came to Precision RV realizing he needed our expertise to get the Solar power system built out right.

The job this customer had in mind was very simple.  Run the Air Conditioner whenever he’d like while off grid (all night long even), without needing to run a generator.  After discussing his exact needs, we moved forward selecting equipment needed and started to work.  The 1000 amp hour lithium battery plant plays a big role in achieving his goals as well as the hybrid inverter we installed!

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A quick video walk through with Marvin at the start of this project