Airstream Solar for boondocking

Airstream Solar Install on a 25 Foot Safari

Marvelous Marv Airstream Solar Power

“Marvelous Marv” of Precision RV working on an Airstream Solar installation

Airstream owners are a very unique crowd.  They are part of a very tight knit community, they have their own rallies, incredibly active online forums, and they love their RVs.  So when we tell you that Precision RV has done many Airstream solar installations, you have to know that we’re very proud of our reputation in the Airstream community!  The referrals we receive from Airstream owners are amazing!  Thanks to all of you who keep passing along our name!

The latest Airstream Solar setup

It’s been a little under a week now since we wrapped up another Airstream solar power system.  One of our previous Airstream clients contacted an online friend to tell him about our business, and also to help out Precision RV.  The person he contacted is the owner of RLC Design (Rich Charpentier), and also a full time Airstreamer himself.  He’d been wanting to get solar on his Airstream for years, but he never got around to it.  And for some time our original website wasn’t working, and we never got around to working on it.  Our mutual friend put us together, and we both got what we’d been wanting for some time.  A new Airstream solar installation on Rich’s 25 foot Safari, and a new website for Precision RV!

Airstream Solar Boondocking from Marvelous Marv

Rich’s Airstream near Vulture Peak. A day of boondocking to test out the new solar

Rich’s needs for his solar setup weren’t as complex as other jobs we’ve done this year.  In the case of his Airstream solar he wasn’t looking to power an air conditioner or microwave.  After discussing his solar power needs we came up with a solution that would work for his RV.  The solar power plant was going to be DC only, no inverters or hybrid inverters for his needs.  Also, he decided to go with AGM batteries.  Many of our recent clients have opted for the latest lithium ion batteries.  But he selected his system based on the type of boondocking he’s been doing for years, and we were able to give him exactly what he wanted.

So, what went into this solar installation?

  • 6 panels, totaling 600 Watts of output.
  • Blue Sky MPPT Controller.
  • Blue Sky IPN Remote Pro display.
  • 300 AMP Hour LifeLine AGM Battery Plant.

Unlike our other recent installations, Rich was very specific about just needing a limited amount of power while boondocking.  He was most interested in being able to run his computer equipment, recharging camera batteries, and making sure the refrigerator, water pump, and hot water heater would be able to run.

Airstream Solar power from Precision RV

Marvelous Marv working the wiring through the Airstream Safari

Rich was also open to putting in as many panels as he could fit, so down the road when he’s ready to upgrade to Lithium and a Hybrid inverter, he’ll be ready.

Rich also did a short video on his solar installation with Precision RV, and you can view that at the bottom of this post.

If you’re ready to get your RV solar and power in order, get in touch with us today.  Precision RV has helped countless RV’ers plan for their real power needs, and he’d be happy to help you create your custom solar power system too.