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Image courtesy of Wheeling It

Referrals are nice.  A big part of our RV Solar Installation client list comes from referrals.  Thank you to everyone who passes information along about us!  It’s greatly appreciated.

But you know what’s even better than referrals?  Return customers.  And in the case of Wheeling It, return customers that were great to work with and really understood their RV Solar needs.

In 2010 we did a solar install for Paul and Nina of Wheeling It.  It was more than a basic solar installation, but still simple enough to do.  Solar Panels, Controller, Battery Plant…..a very straightforward system.  And after years with the initial system, Paul and Nina decided to go a little bigger.

For their updated solar installation, termed “The Big Beastly Solar/Battery Upgrade,” on their blog, we had a little more to do.  The initial solar installation was doing the job, but it was time to replace batteries.  Since they decided to move to Lithium Ion batteries, they decided to take things even a little further.  From their website they said the following:

Well apart from our batteries failing, the planets aligned so that “Marvelous Marvin” was in the southwest desert and had time to squeeze us in. For those of you who don’t know Marvin Braun (e-mail contact HERE, website HERE), he was the fellow who did our original solar installation in 2010. We enjoyed that experience so much, we already knew we wanted him back for our “big upgrade”. He’s knowledgeable, solar geeky, infinitely patient (which, given the million-and-one-pain-in-the-butt questions we typically pose, is a huge bonus), happy to take you through every single detail of what he’s doing as he’s doing it, and just does all-around excellent work. You just feel “good” when you’ve got Marvin on your side (seriously, I’m not just saying that), and since we were diving into brand new territory with Lithuim (he’s been working with RV Lithium installations for 2 years already) we wanted that same support this time around 🙂

RV Solar Installation for Wheeling It

Image Courtesy of Wheeling It

As I said above, it really means a lot to us when we have return customers.  And especially when those return customers help spread the word about the type of work Precision RV does!

If you’d like to read about the updated solar installation job we did for them they have a four part series on their website.  The links are provided below.  And if you have any questions about your own RV Solar Installation, please feel free to get in touch today!

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